WOC Brunch Collective

Womyn of Color

Brunch Collective

The Womyn of Color Brunch Collective (WOCBrunchCo) creates a community for womyn of color to replenish our appetite for life.
Become a member if you’re a womyn of color interested in connecting with open-minded, supportive, and healing-focused womyn of color. If you’re motivated to take steps towards your well-being, develop supportive and healing relationships with other womyn of color, let’s connect!

What’s Included?

  • Irreplaceable and global networking opportunity with professional womyn of color
  • Connection to the Womyn of Color Brunch Collective and resources
  • Priority registration for any Womyn of Color Brunch Collective events.
  • Exclusive access to wellness resources and professional development support.


"It is not easy, healing yourself, transforming your mind, building new habits, observing reality without projections or delusions. This is work that takes effort, but when you continue trying it creates significant results that have an immensely positive impact on your life. "
Yung Pueblo